About Us

Matt Fellman, Owner

Matt Fellman (1)

Matt has performed over 5,000 inspections since first becoming licensed in 2000.  He is the current owner of Crawford Inspection Services, Oregon’s oldest Home Inspection Company.  Matt is a 2-term past president of the Oregon Real Estate Inspector’s Association, the largest such organization in the state.  After nearly 20 years of inspecting houses there isn’t much he hasn’t seen but Matt still gets excited to learn something new every day and help out a new set of homebuyers.  Not only is Matt passionate about home inspections but he also works closely with our inspectors through ongoing training and setting them up for success.  Matt consistently attends national inspection conferences every year to keep up with the latest home inspection progression and ongoing education opportunities.

S. Eric Finke, Inspection Consultant

Eric Finke (1)

Eric has been performing Home Inspections in Oregon for over 5 years.  His clients appreciate his deep knowledge base and calm demeanor when helping them through the process of purchasing a house.  Eric is very detail oriented and you can expect him to perform a very thorough inspection of your new home.  He is also an active member of the Oregon Real Estate Inspector’s Association.

Neil Whitacre, Inspection Consultant


Neil was born in the Midwest, spent time living in Chicago, Miami and New York City, and has found a home in Oregon.  He has a BFA from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.  Neil has a thirst for knowledge and passion for the Home Inspection business that is hard to find.  Neil continues to expand his knowledge through continuing education and is an active member of both the Oregon Real Estate Inspector’s Association and the Oregon Association of Home Inspectors.  Since 2015 when he first started performing inspections, Neil has quickly risen to become one of the most well-known and often requested inspectors in the company.

Steve Hambly, Inspection Consultant


If you need a great Home Inspection from a knowledgeable and personable inspector, Steve is your guy.  He has been inspecting houses in Oregon since 2015 and is the most often requested inspector in the company.  Steve has an extensive background that ranges from remodeling to framing houses, to underwater welding.  There isn’t much Steve hasn’t seen or done and you are in good hands with him as your inspector.