I would recommend Matt with Crawford Inspection Services to anyone. He has been in the business for many years, and knows just about everything that can be wrong with a house, even things that other inspectors commonly miss. Hire him with confidence!

Kevin & Karen Dawes

I just got through the entire process of buying a home that is 17 years old. Mr Fellman with Crawford Inspection Services found several issues with this home that the seller was unaware of. We came to a mutually agreeable price that saved me and my family quite the chunk of change in the future. We would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you Crawford Inspection Services.

John Paulus

I just stumbled across this review and I was shocked. My multiple experiences with this company could not be more opposite. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who needs and inspection. Let the fact that they have been in business for so long with no negative feedback’s guide you.

Dean Tessler

Crawford did my home inspection. They were prompt, courteous, and thorough. They did a nice job of communicating issues so that I clearly understood. I would recommend them to anyone buying a house.

Kelly VanMatre